The HTC event on the 2nd of October has been postponed until further notice.

This is due to the new Covid-19 precaution measures being taken by the government. As Active Esports Arena we want to be responsible and not take anyone’s risk at stake by setting up mobile events that can result in large group gatherings. Active Esports Arena will come back towards the HTC once the virus is back under control again. We’ll let you know in time!

Cannot wait? Visit us at our permanent location at Strijp-S (Torenallee 3), that allows small groups to play competitions conform Covid-19 prevention regulations. Maybe the best way to be connected as a group; separated for real and connected in VR!

Active Esports Arena

Visiting High Tech Campus Eindhoven


For Free!

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What is it about?

You face a series of physically active VR challenges and gain as many points as possible in order to beat your opponents.

Why is it Unique?

Use every one of your limbs to move as fast as you can, in the most energetic VR competition in the world!

Are you looking for the most innovative XR experience the world has to offer for you and your colleagues? Want to prove to the other companies that you’re the best?

Use your full body as controller along with 4 persons, where you will discover theunique balance between sports and gaming. Enjoy the show by watching teams competing against each other in front of surrounding screens, music, VR/AR spectator mode and even an MC! Not able to attend? There will be a live stream available, so you do not have to miss a thing. Each match will take 15 minutes.

Make it at the Active Esports Arena during the Hight Tech Campus Competition on October 2nd! Active Esports Arena is adhering to COVID regulations.

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